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New Jersey State House

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New Jersey State House
New Jersey State Capitol


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
beaux-arts / historism


capitol (national subdivision)


  • Dating back to 1792, the New Jersey State House is the second oldest state capitol in the United States in continuous use. The original portion, however, has been absorbed by subsequent additions and is difficult to distinguish from the rest of the building.
  • The present front portion, including the rotunda with the gilded dome and lantern, were built in 1889 after a fire in 1885. The French Renaissance style structure was designed by L. H. Broome.
  • The assembly chamber was built in 1891 from a design by James Moylan. It features Trenton tile, yellow oak, Italian marble, and iron. The marble senate chamber, similar to the assembly chamber though smaller, was added in 1901 from a design by Arnold H. Moses.
  • The gold dome - recently restored after several years of poor repair - is the most memorble element of the building.
  • Between the two chambers to the rear is a massive four-story wing built in 1907 and designed by state architect George E. Poole.
  • The overall effect of the New Jersey State House is of an accumulation of additions and alterations instead of a single unifying concept.

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125 West State Street
125 West State Street
New Jersey

Technical Data

145.00 ft
145.00 ft

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