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VRT Toren

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VRT Toren
BRTN Toren


Structure in General

telecommunications tower
existing [completed]
exposed structure
light gray


radio transmission tv transmission


  • The location of the tower is 55m above sea level.
  • The concrete construction is 256m high.
  • The diameter of the base is 27m.
  • The last 19 m consists of a tube in fiber enforced polyester. The diameter of this tube is 1.6 m.
  • The foundation is 15 meters deep.
  • From to 256m to 281m there is a tube in steel.
  • In total about 11 000 m³ concrete and 1000 tons of steel was used, which results in a weight of about 30 000 tons.
  • This telecommunications tower was constructed to broadcast both television and radio signals of the VRT (Vlaamse Radio en Televisie): the Flemish branch of the Belgian national television.
  • The thickness of the concrete wall decreases in steps from 70cm to 40cm up to a height of 193m.
  • When completed this was the tallest self-supporting structure in the Benelux.

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Victor Maloustraat
Flemish Region

Technical Data

990.81 ft
990.81 ft
88.58 ft
88.58 ft
Sep 1991
Jan 1994

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