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Canterbury Cathedral

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Canterbury Cathedral
Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ


Structure in General

existing [completed]




  • In 1220 a shrine to Thomas a Beckett was installed in the cathedral. The shrine drew pilgrims from across the country including many from London; a pilgrimage that inspired Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
  • The story of Canterbury Cathedral began in 597AD, when the first Archbishop of Canterbury, St. Augustine, arrived as a missionary from Rome. He was given a church by King Ethelbert, whose wife Bertha was already a Christian.
  • On May 29, 1982, Pope John Paul II visited the cathedral, and was the first pontiff ever to do so.
  • Construction on the new cathedral took place between 1071 and 1077 by Archbishop Lanfranc following his arrival in Canterbury in 1070.
  • There were further phases of building work during the 14th and 15th centuries. In 1430 the original central tower was demolished to be replaced by the present Bell Harry Tower between 1490 and 1510. The northwest tower remained until the 1830s when it too was demolished and rebuilt.
  • The cathedral has been the seat of the spiritual head of the Church of England for 500 years.
  • During the 9th or 10th Century, this church was demolished and replaced with a more substantial building. It was extended during the 11th Century and was then badly damaged by fire in 1067.

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The Precincts
United Kingdom

Technical Data

236.22 ft
236.22 ft

Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • UNESCO landmark
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