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Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Control Tower


Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Control Tower


Structure in General

airport tower
existing [completed]


air traffic control


  • All the old airport buildings have been demolished along with the terminal. The tower though will be kept as a focal point of a master planned urban development to be built at the former 700 acre airport.
  • At Christmas every year the control tower was decorated with the word "Noel" on the tower's shaft greeting visitors to Austin for the holidays.
  • Some sources report the height of the control tower as 94 feet.
  • This was the third, final and tallest control tower for Robert Mueller Municipal Airport. In the 1920s the first tower stood on timber logs; the second tower built in the 1930s stood just 50 feet tall.
  • The control tower served from 1961 until 2000 when the airport was closed and the new Austin-Bergstrom International Airport was opened.
  • Robert Mueller Municipal Airport was dedicated October 14, 1930. The terminal building which has been demolished was dedicated May 27, 1961 along with the control tower which still stands.

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3500 Manor Road
3500 Manor Road

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86.00 ft
86.00 ft
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