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Landmark Tower

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Landmark Tower
Texas Building, Continental National Bank Building, CNB Building


Structure in General

demolished [destroyed]
rigid frame
curtain wall
light gray gray


commercial office


  • Until April 16, 2000, a four-sided clock on the roof brought the height to 420 feet. The clock was at various times the world's largest revolving clock, digital clock, & 4-sided sign.
  • Tallest building in Fort Worth from 1957 until 1974 when the The Tower was completed.
  • The proposed XTO Energy Headquarters will occupy this site if built.
  • The 40-foot clock and sign did not feature in the original plans; the sign was added after the building was complete. The structural supports for the tower had be strengthened to support the added weight of a moving clock.
  • Construction began in 1952 on the building but was halted due to the economy. Only 4 floors were completed of the then named, 'Continental National Bank Building'. In 1956 construction resumed and the 26 additional floors were completed in 1957 making it the tallest in Fort Worth.
  • A 90-foot long skywalk was built in 1971 over Houston Street to connect the tower to the parking garage across the street.
  • The 40-foot revolving clock and sign were added in 1957 at a cost of $196,000. The clock weighed 77 tons. The revolving mechanism broke and in 1978 the revolving clock was secured and never revolved again although the clock still displayed the time until 1988.
  • At 380 feet tall this was the tallest building to be demolished in Texas and the 15th tallest building in the United States to be demolished at that time.
  • The Landmark Tower was imploded on Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 7:42 am.
  • This was the first highrise in Fort Worth to be demolished that held the title of tallest building in Fort Worth.
  • It was once planned for adding a pyramid and spire to the roof, for a total height of 481 feet (435 feet to the top of the pyramid).
  • It was heavily damaged like many other buildings in the city in the March 28, 2000 Fort Worth tornado.
  • Cowtown Place was completed on the site in 2017.

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200 West 7th Street
750-798 Houston Street
200 West 7th Street
XTO Energy
Fort Worth

Technical Data

380.00 ft
380.00 ft
380.00 ft
Feb 1957

Involved Companies

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Features & Amenities

  • Clock(s) displayed on the outside
  • Fire escape attached to facade
  • Skybridge link to next building
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