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Structure in General

building with towers
existing [completed]




  • Spookslot (Haunted Castle) was the first attraction of the Efteling to be built outside the fairytale forest
  • When you walk towards the pre-show you will see some horrific statues in niches and in the room where the pre-show starts there is a large chandelier which appears to be held by the arm of a large monster and there are also some large bats on the ceiling
  • Not suitable for very young children (under the age of about 6)
  • The building is a ruin based on a castle which can be seen in one of the dioramas which are displayed in the diorama room next to the "Carrouselpaleis"
  • When you enter the building, you will walk through a large corridor when you reach some closed doors. In front of these doors the pre-show begins. A witch appears and tells the story about a count of Kaatsheuvel who collects myths and sagas from all over the world and experimented with magic. He could let flowers sing and make walls dance. A wicked witch Visculamia tries to steal his stories. When she wants to enter the castle she is caught by the gardener and is sentenced by 3 judges. Her punishment: She will be burned at the stake. Before that happens she pronounces a spell where the count loses his last fairytale: his daughter Esmeralda and he will have to look for her for the rest of his life. When the doors open, the main show starts. You will enter a room where you can oversee the garden, graveyard and walls of the castle. In the show you will see everything which has been told in the pre-show. You will see the gardener hanging from the bell's chord when he caught the witch. You will see the judges looking down from above. You'll see the count chasing after his daughter in the catacombes. You will see the witch casting a spell to the counts grave and you will see the flowers sing and the walls dance. The music is the "Danse Macabre" from Camille Saint-Saëns. The main show takes about 5 minutes

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De Efteling

Technical Data

65.62 ft

Involved Companies

Ton van de Ven
Ton van de Ven

Features & Amenities

  • Handicapped accessible
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