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Symbolica: Paleis Der Fantasie


Structure in General

existing [completed]




  • Symbolica will be opened in 2017 when the Efteling celebrates his 65th anniversary
  • Symbolica will be the biggest attraction in the Efteling ever and will be located at the Brink. In 2012 "Polles Keuken" already opened, which is in the same architectural style of Symbolica
  • Symbolica will be a walkthrough and a dark-ride and it will tell the story of "Pardoes" the wizard as described by Henny Knoet (former Efteling-designer).
  • The fictional-story will begin in Symbolica, a planet in the dark-side of our consciousness in the Realm of Fantasy. Pardoes is a foundling and guarded by the old fairy Aliciana, who knows there is a dark force searching for the small boy. The boy gets an anonym called Pardoes and is dressed as a jester and grows up in the royal palace Hartenhof, which is reigned by good king Pardulfus. Pardoes becomes friends with Princess Pardijn, daughter of Pardulfus and Pardoes is an apprentice of the great sorcerer Almar.
  • The building will be over 7000 square metres big with 2 distinctive towers of 25 and 22 metres tall and a large dome in the middle which will be 18 metres high. The first part will be the walkthrough where you will walk through several halls and rooms and the ride itself will take you to lots of scenes in the palace, such as a large and impressive observatory, a large planetarium and there will propably large walls filled with bookshelfs and much much more.
  • Costs for Symbolica are estimated at 42,5 million Euros (about 55 million USD). Polles keuken included, which has already been built
  • When you enter the palace, you can choose between 3 different routes. All with different paths and locations and will include several interactive elements. So every time you visit the palace it will be a little different and you can create your own adventure

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De Efteling

Technical Data

82.02 ft

Features & Amenities

  • Handicapped accessible
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