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Oasia Hotel Downtown

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Oasia Hotel Downtown


Structure in General

existing [completed]
light red orange red dark red


commercial office hotel


  • Landscaping is used extensively as an architectural surface treatment and forms a major part of the development’s material palette both internally and externally, achieving an overall Green Plot Ratio of 750%.
  • The openness allows wind to pass through the building for good cross-ventilation.
  • Each sky garden is treated as an urban scale verandah, sheltered at high level by the preceding sky garden and open sided for formal and visual transparency.
  • Introducing layers of elevated ground levels allow the precious but limited ground floor space to be multiplied, creating generous public areas for recreation and social interaction throughout the high-rise.
  • WOHA adopted a club sandwich approach by creating a series of different strata, each with its own sky garden.
  • The facade is made up of a total of 21 species of creepers to ensure the green facade is always lush and resilient during different weather conditions.
  • In addition to 21 species of facade creepers , another 33 species of plants and trees are selected , making a total of 54 species of plants and trees.
  • There are 1793 facade planter boxes.

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100 Peck Seah Street
Central Region

Technical Data

623.85 ft
Feb 2012
Apr 2016

Involved Companies

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Features & Amenities

  • Conference center is available
  • Exercise facility is available
  • Green roof is present
  • Swimming pool is available
  • Terraces are available
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