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Westin Book-Cadillac Detroit

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Westin Book-Cadillac Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel
Westin Book-Cadillac Hotel & Residences
Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel
Detroit-Cadillac Hotel
Radisson-Cadillac Hotel


Structure in General

existing [completed]
curtain wall
light gray
renaissance revival


residential condominium hotel
shop(s) restaurant bar conferencing space mercantile


  • The Book Brothers, two prominent developers in Detroit's early high-rise history, purchased the Cadillac Hotel in 1917 and tore it down in 1923 to make way for the Book-Cadillac Hotel of which they took part of the old hotel's namesake.
  • The hotel originally contained 1100 hotel rooms. Floors 7-26 housed the regular guest rooms, 27-29 house specially designed guest rooms, and floors 30-32 were mechanical floors.
  • The first five floors of this hotel once housed grand public rooms and retail shops.
  • When this hotel was completed, it housed 30-foot antenna on its roof. It was also the tallest hotel in the world upon completion.
  • The current renovation proposal of this hotel, scheduled to be completed in 2008, will include the construction of a three-story addition on the north side of the hotel that will include a banquet hall, kitchens, swimming pool and a fitness center.
  • After the original renovation stalled for this hotel in 2004, a new renovation deal was completed on June 27, 2006 for a 455-room Westin hotel, and 67 luxury condominiums on the top nine floors.
  • Renovation of the hotel, under the leadership of the Ferchill Group, began in earnest in August 2006.
  • During renovation, the prominent machine tower was found to be structurally unsound and was reconstructed throughout the spring and summer of 2007. It was reconstructed 17 feet and 11.1 inches shorter, making the copper 'ziggurat' crowns the highest points of the structure.
  • Tallest building in Detroit until the Buhl Building was completed in 1925.
  • During the renovation a 3 story amenities addition was added on a parking lot that occupied the remainder of the block.
  • The hotel closed in October 1984 in preparation for renovations to convert the building into the Book-Cadillac Plaza, housing 550 hotel rooms on 12 floors and office space on 11 floors, however these plans fell through. In July 2003, a renovation began to convert the building into a Renaissance Hotel, but these plans too were scrapped.
  • A $16.5 million renovation to update the hotel section of the building is planned to take place from 2022-2024.

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1114 Washington Boulevard
200-238 Michigan Avenue
1101-1117 Shelby Street
1114 Washington Boulevard

Technical Data

349.21 ft
349.21 ft
339.70 ft
317.26 ft
Dec 1924
2006 - 2008
2022 - 2024

Involved Companies

Louis Kamper

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2006 - 2008

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2022 - 2024

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Features & Amenities

  • National landmark
  • Business center is available
  • Conference center is available
  • Exercise facility is available
  • Skybridge link to next building
  • Storage space is available
  • Swimming pool is available
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