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Tower of the Americas

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Tower of the Americas
The Tower


Structure in General

observation tower
existing [completed]


restaurant café amusement


  • The tower was built for the Hemisfair World's Fair in 1968. The fair celebrated San Antonio's 250th anniversary. In 1998 the tower turned 30 years old.
  • The "top house" is so well balanced that it takes just a 1 horsepower motor to rotate the structure.
  • The tower's restaurant at the top is named "The Eyes of Texas".
  • The "top house" (the round revolving structure at the top of the tower), is 76 feet tall. The height of the concrete shaft (which is partially hidden inside the top house), is 605 feet tall.
  • The external observation deck can accommodate a maximum of 340 people, while the internal deck can accommodate 500 people.
  • The tower weighs 80 million pounds, and has 952 steps to get to the top.
  • At 800 feet-per-minute, it takes only 43 seconds for the elevators to climb to the top.
  • The restaurants occupy 10,150 square feet, the observation levels are 8,800 square feet, while the stairs, elevators, and mechanicals occupy 1,150 square feet.
  • The concrete shaft is 45 feet in diameter.
  • The three elevators can carry 1,950 passengers per hour.
  • Known locally as "The Tower", this is the tallest observation tower in Texas, and was the tallest in the U.S. from 1968 until it was surpassed by the Stratosphere Tower in 1996.
  • The tower now features a revolving restaurant, an indoor and outdoor observation deck, a cafe, a gift shop and a 4D theatre show titled, "Skies Over Texas."

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600 Hemisfair Way
600 Hemisfair Way
Hemisfair Park
Central Loop
San Antonio

Technical Data

729.99 ft
622.01 ft
579.00 ft
579.00 ft
560.01 ft

Involved Companies

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • Observation floor is available
  • Revolving floor is present
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