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Palmer House Hotel

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Palmer House Hotel
Palmer House Hilton


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
applied masonry
dark red
beaux-arts / historism




  • The lobby ceiling contains 21 panels painted in France by Louis Pierrre Rigal depicting scenes from classical Greek mythology.
  • The Palmer House is cited by some sources as the oldest hotel in the United States in continuous operation.
  • The hotel used to be served by the Quincy Street Garage, the tallest freestanding parking garage ever built in Chicago.
  • The C.D. Peacock jewelry store at the hotel's northwest corner is decorated with brass peacocks on the revolving door covers and on the clock over the street corner.
  • This building houses the famous Empire Room, where musicians and vaudevillians such as Jack Benny, Maurice Chevalier, Carol Channing, and Guy Lombardo have performed.
  • A planned renovation proposes to remove the fire escapes from the State Street facade, extend the peacock motif to the north hotel entrance, narrow the western leg of the ground-level gallery, and modernize the storefronts.
  • The original Palmer House was opened in 1870 by Potter Palmer, and it was presented to his wife Bertha Palmer as a wedding present. It burned down in the Chicago Fire the next year but it reopened in 1873.
  • The Palmer House has more hotel rooms than any other single building in the Chicago metro area. Only the Hyatt Regency Chicago in Illinois Center has more rooms, but they are split between two towers.
  • The lobby on the second floor is one of the grandest hotel spaces in Chicago, with a two and a half floor high ceiling.

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101-129 South State Street
17 East Monroe Street
130 South Wabash Avenue
101-129 South State Street, 17 East Monroe Street

Technical Data

262.00 ft
262.00 ft
262.00 ft

Involved Companies

Holabird & Roche

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Features & Amenities

  • Conference center is available
  • Swimming pool is available
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