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Ford Foundation Building

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Ford Foundation Building


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]


institutional office


  • The layout of buildings around atrium spaces or winter gardens would later become popularized in the shopping mall and numerous skyscrapers of the 1980s.
  • One of New York's best buildings of the 1960s, the Ford Foundation Building was built for one of the country's largest philanthropic organizations.
  • In 1995 this building became the 26th recipient of the American Institute of Architects' prestigious Twenty-Five Year Award.
  • The form of the building represents a departure from the abstract purity of the International Style.
  • Opened December 8, 1967.
  • Offices are located around this central court with a view into the atrium garden which also serves as a public space.
  • The building incorporates a number of conservation strategies: for instance, the water in the indoor pool is gathered from rainfall through systems on the roof, and the coins thrown into the pool are donated to UNESCO Childrens' Fund.
  • Supported by an exposed steel structure, the building takes the form of a glass box enclosing an interior atrium which rises the full height of the building to a skylight.

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309-325 East 42nd Street
306-326 East 43rd Street
321 East 42nd Street
Tudor City
New York City
New York


Technical Data

144.00 ft
144.00 ft
144.00 ft

Involved Companies

Features & Amenities

  • City landmark
  • Atrium is present
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