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The Galleria

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The Galleria
115-117 East 57th Street


Structure in General

existing [completed]


residential condominium
commercial office


  • The 8-storey base housing the atrium is accessible from both 57th and 58th Streets, some steps down from the street and behind glass doors.
  • Originally planned as an all-office building, the design had to be changed due to the worsening office space market of the early 1970s. A mix of apartment and office uses was chosen to comply with the area's zoning for commercial uses.
  • At the time of its completion, Galleria was the tallest concrete-framed building in New York City.
  • The apartment tower is located to the north side of the plot, retaining the east views from the older Ritz Tower immediately next door.
  • The tower has a facing of glass walls and dark brown brick. The first nine floors for the office spaces are distinguishable by the larger amount of solid brick wall on the facade.
  • The residential portion by Birnbaum (overall design and public spaces were by Specter -- together with Gerald Jonas on the penthouse design) has 253 condominium apartments on the top 38 floors.
  • The south-side apartments have greenhouse-like, roofed balconies enclosed with glass walls and protruding from the facade.
  • The penthouse contains a roof garden and solar heated swimming pool.

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115-119 East 57th Street
110-120 East 58th Street
117 East 57th Street to East 58th Street
New York City
New York

Technical Data

551.02 ft
551.02 ft
551.02 ft

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