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130 Liberty Street

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130 Liberty Street
Deutsche Bank, One Bankers Trust Plaza Building


Structure in General

demolished [destroyed]
international style


commercial office


  • The tower was built in 1974 south of the World Trade Center for the Bankers Trust bank.
  • From a small street level plaza on the northern corner, tapering steps lead underneath a perimeter extension to an elevated plaza.
  • The 40-storey building has a facade of black anodized aluminium and darkened glass.
  • The lower portion of the 172 m tall, yet squat building is characterized by wide supporting piers that taper upwards and inwards.
  • The building was unused since September 11, 2001 when debris from the falling WTC Tower 2 tore a gigantic hole in the building's northern side. Further complications, such as mold created by a sprinkler system that was automatically activated and made the entire inside surface wet, made the building very difficult to renovate.
  • Despite its reasonably large size and height, the building seemed short until 2001 due to its location near the World Trade Center. The twin towers were nearly 2.5 times as tall.
  • The building with the plaza occupies the entire block; thus, since the building was closed since September 2001, the entire block is still fenced off.
  • Fragments of human bones were found on the building's roof as late as September 22, 26 and 29, 2005, more than four years since the terrorist attack; these were perhaps the latest discoveries of human remains since the terrorist attack.
  • Der Hochhausturm wurde 1974 an der Südseite des World Trade Centers für die Bankers Trust Bank errichtet.
  • Das 40-geschossige Gebäude hat eine schwarz eloxierte Aluminiumfassade und abgedunkeltes Glas.
  • Das Hochhaus wurde durch die Terroranschläge vom 11. September 2001 stark beschädigt und wird zur Zeit nicht genutzt.

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126-138 Liberty Street
1 Bankers Trust Plaza, 1-13 Albany Street, 122-146 Greenwich Street, 133-151 Washington Street
130 Liberty Street
Financial District
New York City
New York

Technical Data

517.01 ft
517.01 ft
12.16 ft

Involved Companies

Peterson & Brickbauer

URS Corporation

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