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25 Broad

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25 Broad
Broad Exchange Building, 44-46 Exchange Place, Broad-Exchange Building


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
rigid frame
applied masonry
beaux-arts / historism


residential condominium


  • Designated landmark status on June 27, 2000.
  • Located in the heart of Manhattan's financial district, the Broad Exchange Building was, at the time of its construction in 1900-02, the largest office building with the highest estimated real estate value built in Manhattan.
  • Designed by the renowned architectural firm of Clinton & Russell, the Broad Exchange Building contained 326,500 square feet of rentable floor area and was estimated to cost $3.25 million.
  • The builders of the Broad Exchange used all the new technologies introduced during the 1890s in order to create taller structures.
  • The twenty story high building has a steel frame, elevator, and caisson construction.
  • The design of the building is a tripartite composition, common to many of New York's turn-of-the century skyscrapers with a base, shaft, and capital.
  • Built by the Alliance Realty Company as a speculative office building, the Broad Exchange Building is representative of the commercial building boom in lower Manhattan in the early twentieth century.
  • The proximity of the Broad Exchange Building to the New York Stock Exchange made it one of the most sought-after addresses for brokers and bankers, including for approximately seventy years, the headquarters of Paine, Webber and Company.
  • Redevelopment into residential condominiums is slated for completion in 2009.
  • The three-story base of the building is clad in rusticated granite; the fourteen-story main body or shaft is buff-colored brick with terra-cotta trim; and the three-story attic or capital is granite and terra cotta with a copper cornice.

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25-33 Broad Street
44-60 Exchange Place
25 Broad
Financial District
New York City
New York

Technical Data

276.55 ft
276.55 ft
276.55 ft

Involved Companies

Clinton & Russell

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Features & Amenities

  • City landmark
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