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Philip Morris Building

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Philip Morris Building


Structure in General

existing [completed]


commercial office


  • Headquarters of the Phillip Morris tobacco company.
  • The exterior curtain wall is made of 1½" granite on precast concrete panels.
  • The foundations consist of four basement levels which were designed to accommodate a number of subway tunnels that extend throughout the site.
  • The austere style of the building follows the International Style with hints to Classicism, with the curtain wall giving way to masonry motifs.
  • It's a frequent site of anti-tobacco protests and campaigns.
  • On the ground floor, there is a public garden, a café and an annex of the Whitney Museum of Modern Art housing temporary exhibitions.
  • The 42nd Street side has a tall colonnade creating a sheltered bay, the facade having horizontal bands of windows. There are openings at the top, with the street level columns continuing through these.
  • The light grey granite exterior consists of two differing facade types, facades on opposite sides being similar. The facade facing Park Avenue (as well as the opposing side) has heavy columnwork base, main facade being vertically accentuated by pilasters.

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118-132 Park Avenue
57-63 East 41st Street, 74-88 East 42nd Street
120 Park Avenue at East 41st Street, NW Corner to East 42nd Street
Murray Hill
New York City
New York

Technical Data

360.89 ft
360.89 ft
360.89 ft

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