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Chrysler Building East

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Chrysler Building East
Kent Building
Calyon Building
Credit Agricole Indosuez Building


Structure in General

existing [completed]
international style


commercial office


  • Originally clad in white brick, the uniform window openings on the slab-form tower changed into continuous vertical striping for the top floors.
  • In May 2001, the The Chrysler Trylons, a Philip Johnson-designed pyramidal extravaganza of blue-grey glass was completed between the two Chrysler Buildings.
  • The 32-storey building rises set-back from a block-wide base with a ground floor of black granite.
  • Announced in 1949, the building was, imaginatively, called the Chrysler Building East. Despite having its main entrance on Third Avenue side, the address was given as a 42nd Street one -- due to the then-seedier nature of the avenue. With the demolition of the disturbing Third Ave. Elevated Railway in 1956 -- which started a general development boom on the avenue -- the address was accordingly changed to 666 Third Avenue.
  • The Kent Building or Credit Agricole Indosuez Building was completed in 1952 to the eastern blockfront of the block better known as the location for the Chrysler Building.
  • After the Tishman Speyer Properties bought both the buildings, as well as the intervening low-rises, in 1998, Philip Johnson was brought in to renovate the East Building, as it was to be called. Not only was the building clad in a dark blue curtain wall, but the interior arrangement was also changed radically.
  • The new Chrysler Center incorporates all the buildings on the southern blockfront facing 42nd Street,with a new Johnson-designed lobby connecting the structures.

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159-163 East 42nd Street
142-156 East 43rd Street, 660-676 3rd Avenue
161 East 42nd Street, 666 3rd Avenue, NW Corner to East 43rd Street
Chrysler Center
New York City
New York

Technical Data

432.01 ft
432.01 ft
432.01 ft

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