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Time-Warner Building

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Time-Warner Building
Warner Communications Building, Esso Building, Esso Oil Company


Structure in General

existing [completed]
light gray light brown
early modernism


commercial office


  • The 32-storey building employs the simple slab form, with 10-storey wings on the east and west sides, and closes the view along Rockefeller Plaza to the north, unifying the surroundings even in that direction.
  • Although built several years after the "original" Rockefeller Center was completed in 1940, the exterior follows the standard pattern of vertical limestone of the other Center buildings south of 51st Street.
  • The Time-Warner Building was built in 1947 to Rockefeller Center for the Esso Oil Company (Rockefellers' Standard Oil).
  • The high-ceiling entrance lobby has marble decor and glass-walls facing Rockefeller Plaza.
  • The building was completed with the Schraff's, the most accommodating restaurant in the city with its over 1,200 seats, next to the lobby.
  • At the time of its completion, the building was the tallest completely air-conditioned building in New York City, and the first such in Rockefeller Center.
  • After Time-Life moved to the new Time-Life Building in the Rockefeller Center Extension, the building has been owned and occupied by the Time Warner publishing company.

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75 Rockefeller Plaza
15-19 West 51st Street, 14-36 West 52nd Street
75 Rockefeller Plaza, 15 West 51st Street
New York City
New York

Technical Data

424.02 ft
424.02 ft
424.02 ft

Involved Companies

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Features & Amenities

  • City landmark
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