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4 Times Square

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4 Times Square
Condé Nast Building


Structure in General

existing [completed]
curtain wall


commercial office


  • Das Conde Nast Building entält den NASDAQ Handelsplatz sowie Studios zur Berichterstattung. Die NASDAQ nutzt weitere Büroflächen im nahegelegenen Hochhausturm 1500 Broadway.
  • The Condé Nast Building has received awards from the National American Institute of Architects and the AIA New York State.
  • The building features environmentally efficient gas-fired absorption chillers and a state of the art curtain wall with excellent shading and insulating performance.
  • Conde Nast Building houses the NASDAQ market site tower facility as well as network broadcast studio. NASDAQ also occupies office space at 1500 Broadway across the street.
  • The NASDAQ sign, world's largest LED display at 120 feet in height, cost more than $37 million to build.
  • The air delivery system provides 50% more fresh air than industry codes, and a network of recycling chutes serves the entire building.
  • The Condé Nast Building is the centerpiece of the 42nd Street Master Plan prepared by the 42nd Street Development Corporation, a public/private consortium created to promote the redevelopment of this traditional heart of Manhattan.
  • All building systems and construction technology have been evaluated for their impact on occupant health, environmental sensitivity, and energy reduction, making Four Times Square the first project of its size to adopt state-of-the-art standards for energy conservation, indoor air quality, recycling systems, and the use of sustainable manufacturing processes.
  • The building top reflects the principal structural support system, and it expresses in a high-technology style the project's location at the intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street-"The Crossroads of the World".
  • The office tower has two orientations: on the side facing Broadway it takes on the character of Times Square and its active and dynamic environment, and on the side facing 42nd Street it takes on the more sober characteristics of the mid-town Manhattan business community.
  • According to sources at Fox & Fowle, the spire is used as a communications antenna.
  • A new 358 ft. antenna replaced the original antenna in October 2003, making it the second-tallest structure in New York City.
  • Home of the ESPN Zone theme restaurant and sports bar.

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4 Times Square
141-157 West 42nd Street, 138-158 West 43rd Street, 1472-1490 Broadway
4 Times Square
New York City
New York

Technical Data

1,117.76 ft
809.01 ft
701.01 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • Video screen is on the facade
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