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BC Legislative Buildings

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BC Legislative Buildings
Parliament Buildings
British Columbia Parliament Buildings


Structure in General

monumental hall
existing [completed]


capitol (national subdivision)


  • The gilded statue on top of the dome of Captain George Vancouver, the first European to sail around Vancouver Island, is seven feet high.
  • The construction budget was $600,000 in 1892 yet over $40 million was spent to restore the buildings in 1973.
  • Phase two was completed in 1915 at a cost of $1.2 million.
  • King George V praised the buildings on his visit in 1901.
  • Although completed in 1897, the Parliament Buildings did not officially open until February 10, 1898 in order to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.
  • Occupies the same site as the original government buildings, built for the Colony of Vancouver Island, in 1859.
  • Architect Francis M. Rattenbury was only 25 years old when he designed the Parliament Buildings.
  • At night over 3,300 light bulbs are switched on.
  • The exterior light bulbs were turned on in June 1897 and did not require replacement until 1976.
  • The architect also designed the Fairmont Empress Hotel just a few blocks away.
  • The building that housed the original Legislative Assembly was moved to a new location on the Legislature’s lawn and remained in use by the Provincial Bureau of Mines until it was destroyed by fire in March 1957.
  • $75,000 was allotted to the Department of Public Works in March 1892 for the costs associated with managing a design contest to select the architect.
  • In 1901, King George V praised British Columbia’s Legislative Buildings as one of the finest examples of architecture in the Dominion.
  • 65 architects from across North America submitted designs for judging.

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501 Belleville Street
501 Belleville Street
V8V 1X4
James Bay
British Columbia

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  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
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