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Torre de Collserola

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Torre de Collserola


Structure in General

telecommunications tower
existing [completed]


radio transmission tv transmission


  • Torre de Collserola is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.
  • The public observation deck, 590 meters above sea level, is reached by an elevator which starts inside the mountain.
  • The tower was inaugurated on 27 of June 1992.
  • The tower is made of: 205 meters of concrete, a tubular steel structure of 38 meters and a steel structure of 45 meters.
  • The base is 425 meters above sea level. The observation deck is 560 meters above sea level and the total height above sea level is 713 meters.
  • The elevator speed is 1 m/s and arrives at the observation deck in 2 minutes.
  • The 13 platforms are between 84m and 152m.
  • In the top section there are 3 series of 7, 56mm cables running in parralel.
  • The weight of the metal structure is 3,000 Tm.
  • From the observation deck you can see up to 70 kilometres on a clear day.
  • The observation deck is open from 11.00 to 14.30 and 15.30 to 18.00; it is closed on Monday and Thursday. The cost of admission is 4.4 €.
  • Ordinarily, a conventional reinforced concrete core of 25 meters in diameter would have been required for the 288 meter structure. However a new structural concept was employed: hybrid concrete and steel-braced tubes with a base of 4.5 meters in diameter.
  • In order to meet a construction programme of 24 months, the observation deck and other platforms were built on the ground and then jacked inch by inch into position.
  • There are 180, 15 mm parralel cables at the first section.
  • In the basement there is a reception with a bar and photos of other TV towers from around the world.
  • The cables that hold the tower are made of Kevlar, which is transparent to broadcasting signals.

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Camí de Vallvidrera al Tibidabo, 12
Cami de Vallvidrera al Tibidabo, 12

Technical Data

945.01 ft
945.01 ft
445.01 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
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