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Torre Picasso

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Torre Picasso
La Torre Picasso, Plaza Picasso


Structure in General

existing [completed]
curtain wall
international style




  • Shortly after the WTC bombings, members of the Basque separatist organization ETA confirmed that they had had plans to conduct a bomb attack on this building, too, but this was prevented by the government finding and seizing the explosives.
  • This is the tallest planned building in the AZCA Centre which also includes several other office buildings and a shopping center.
  • The tower is named after Pablo Picasso, the most famous Spanish artist of the 20th century, who invented the Cubism.
  • The entrance arch supports all the facade above it and it has a steel structure under the ground level to support it.
  • The glass used in the entrance is a special security glass called STADIP. It is the same glass used in Torre Agbar's facade but with a very diferent purpose.
  • The end of the movie 'Abre los ojos' by Alejandro Amenávar (director of the movie the Others) was set on the roof. The scene had the protagonist jump off the building to wake up from the nightmare he was living. Tom Cruise made a version called 'Vanilla Sky'.
  • At night the building is totally illuminated with white lights becoming the most noticeable landmark in Madrid's skyline.
  • Torre Picasso surpassed Torre de Madrid in 1988 as tallest building in Spain. It was surpassed by Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm in 2002. And finally in 2007 Torre Picasso was surpassed by Torre Espacio as the tallest office tower of Madrid.
  • The facade consists of 29,000 square meters of aluminium and glass.
  • The building's facade is very similar to Rainier Tower, designed by the same architect.
  • The tower receives 1,500 visitors every day.
  • This building was not only the tallest in Madrid

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Plaza de Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1
Plaza de Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1
Comunidad de Madrid

Technical Data

513.06 ft
513.06 ft
507.58 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • Helipad is available
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