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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of External Economic Links, Ministry of Trade


Structure in General

existing [completed]
russian-soviet architecture


commercial office


  • Topped with a 20-meter spire.
  • Approximately 200 rooms and offices inside the building cover an area of some 65,000 square meters.
  • A frieze of cut marble decorates the walls of the main reception hall.
  • The completion date is engraved on the upper portion of the protruding turret.
  • Included in the building are 18 express lifts.
  • The polished black granite floor in the entrance lobby contrasts sharply with the surrounding light marble walls.
  • The relatively restrained decoration and uniform composition distinguish the building from the other six Vysotniye Zdaniya.
  • The Belgrade Hotels were designed to enhance the monumental bulk of this building in the view from Borodino Bridge.
  • 114 meters up the main facade is the reinforced concrete CCCP emblem of a hammer and a sickle in the center of two ears of wheat. It covers a surface of 144 square meters.
  • In a sharp contrast to the brown facade, the sculptured bas-relief, white-limestone double entrance surrounds two metal trellis doors. On both sides of the grand entrance are two large obelisks of dark gray stone.
  • Initially this was the only one of the Vysotnie Zdaniya without a spire, but Stalin, reviewing the plans, told the architects to "make them all sharp-nosed like that", meanwhile drawing a crude spire himself on the blueprints.

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Smolenskaya-Sennaya Square 32
32 Smolenskaya-Sennaya Square
City of Moscow

Technical Data

564.30 ft
564.30 ft

Involved Companies

V. Gelfreih

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