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Riga TV Tower

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Riga TV Tower
Zakusalas Tornis


Structure in General

telecommunications tower
existing [completed]


  • Many parts of the tower have been made near Sant Petersburg, Russia.
  • The basement of the tower is 24-27 m deep and the tower stands on firm dolostone layer.
  • The changes of temperature may move the tip of the tower by 2.4 meters.
  • The tower is built to resist wind speeds up to 44 m/s. Three 10-ton dampers are located at a height of 198 m.
  • Two legs of the tower have escalators. Escalators also reach mechanical rooms up to 308 meters. Stairways climb 44 meters higher.
  • A large part of the Latvian TV budget goes directly toward the maintenance of this tower.
  • Tower can resist earthquake of 8,5 grade after Richters, although Latvia does not have earthquakes.
  • The design of the tower has been elaborated in State Communication Design Institute, USSR, architect Nikuradze.
  • The closed restaurant "Veja Roze" was located at a height of 93m.
  • It was completely made from metal, so before it has been finished, it has been painted with about 60 tons of anti-rust colour.

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Zakusalas krastmala 1
Latvian TV

Technical Data

1,207.35 ft
1,207.35 ft
318.24 ft
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