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Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King


Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King


Structure in General

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  • The building is 68.8m tall to roof level and 84.86m to the tip of the spires.
  • 66 years after the completion of the Lady's Chapel, the idea of a Catholic Cathedral for Liverpool was again raised. A site was chosen and Sir Edward Lutyens was hired as architect. The foundation stone was laid on Monday 5th June 1933.
  • Lutyens' Cathedral was to have been huge. It featured a dome 51m (168ft) in diameter with an internal height of 91m (300ft). The total height was to have been 158m (520ft), even greater than the 101m (331ft) tall Liverpool Cathedral, rising at that time at the opposite end of Hope Street.
  • A design by Sir Frederick Gibberd was chosen from an international competition, and the foundation stone was laid in October 1962. The Metropolitan Cathedral was consecrated 5 years later; 114 years after work began on Liverpool's first Catholic Cathedral.
  • The first Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool was designed in 1853 by Edward Welby Pugin. By 1856 the Lady's Chapel had been completed, but the rest was never built. The Chapel served as the church for a local parish until it was demolished in the 1980s.
  • The cathedral was consecrated on the Feast of Pentecost, 14th May 1967.
  • Construction work continued during the 1940s, but the cost rose to an incredible £27m and the project was abandoned. The project was rethought, with a budget of £4m but retaining the essence of a domed design.
  • The stained glass was designed by John Piper and made by Patrick Reyntiens.

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Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant
United Kingdom

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278.41 ft
278.41 ft

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  • One of the city's famous buildings
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