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Liverpool Cathedral

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Liverpool Cathedral
The Cathedral Church of Christ


Structure in General

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  • The foundation stone was laid in July 1904 by King Edward VII, and in July 1924 the cathedral, which at that time consisted of only the High Altar, Chancel and Eastern Transepts, was consecrated in the presence of King George V and Queen Mary.
  • The great organ has 5 manuals and 9,704 working pipes, the tallest of which is 10m (32ft) tall, and is powered by 3 electric blowers with an output of 48 h.p.
  • The original design for the cathedral was for there to be two towers, each 80m (260ft) high, over the transcepts which would have been a design similar to that of Exeter Cathedral.
  • Liverpool Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Britain, the 2nd largest Anglican cathedral in the world and the world's 5th largest cathedral of any denomination. It has the world's largest working church organ, the world's highest and heaviest ringing peal of church bells and the highest gothic arches ever built.
  • The cathedral was finally completed in October 1978, 74 years after construction work began. A thanksgiving service was conducted in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II for a building project that had been slowed but not stopped by two world wars.
  • Before Liverpool Cathedral, the last cathedral to previously have been built and consecrated on a new site in England was Salisbury Cathedral in 1258 - 666 years earlier.
  • The great tower was completed in February 1942 by Giles Gilbert Scott as he placed the final stone on the final finial. Scott died in 1960, a full 18 years before his masterpiece was to have been completed.
  • The decision to build a new cathedral in Liverpool was taken in 1901, and in 1903 a design by 22-year old Giles Gilbert Scott was chosen. Scott was appointed joint architect with George Bodley.
  • The largest bell is called "Great George", weighs nearly 14.75 tonnes and is only used on special occasions.

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