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Radio City Tower

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Radio City Tower
St John's Beacon


Structure in General

observation tower
existing [completed]


heat distribution


  • The beacon was originally opened as the rotating Tower Resturant. The restaurant traded for 18 months or so before closing. The tower remained pretty much closed for about 20 years, opening only occasionally. In the late 1990s a second floor was added to the observation platform and the local commercial radio station, Radio City, took over the premises.
  • As part of Liverpool's City of Light project, the tower is routinely lit in gairish colours from around 8 pm till midnight with an extension to 2 am at weekends.
  • Originally conceived as a way to remove fumes from the shopping centre's heating system, the tower was seen as a more attractive alternative to a conventional chimney.
  • Radio City Tower rises above the St John's Market shopping centre, which is the site of the original Liverpool market, Charter for which was granted in 1207 by King John.

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1 Houghton Street
Williamson Square
United Kingdom

Technical Data

409.12 ft
409.12 ft

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