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One Canada Square

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One Canada Square
Canary Wharf DS7


Structure in General

existing [completed]
stainless steel
curtain wall


commercial office


  • One Canada Square became the tallest building in the United Kingdom in 1990, when it surpassed Tower 42, built 10 years earlier.
  • The building consists of nearly 16,000 pieces of steel, which forms both the structural frame and the exterior cladding.
  • Construction of the tower was halted from March to June 1990, when the building workers went on strike.
  • The building is designed to sway 13 and three quarter inches in the strongest winds that might occur every 100 years.
  • The building is capped by a 39.6 metre (130 feet) pyramid, weighing 11 tons.
  • The exterior is clad in approximately 370,000 square feet of Patten Hyclad Cambric finish stainless steel and on completion, One Canada Square was the world's first building to be clad entirely in this medium.
  • The 11 metre (36 feet) high lobby is clad in 90,000 square feet of marble imported from Italy and Guatemala.
  • The building has 3,960 windows and 4,388 steps which are divided into four stairways.
  • One Canada Square is constructed from 27,000 metric tonnes of steel, held together by 500,000 bolts.
  • The average floor size area is 28,000 square feet.
  • The 50th floor can be reached from the lobby by lift in 40 seconds.
  • One Canada Square was briefly Europe's tallest skyscraper until the erection of MesseTurm.
  • The building is sometimes referred to as the 'vertical Fleet Street', following the relocation of several of London's newspapers from in the City to One Canada Square in the early 1990s.
  • One Canada Square bears a strong architectural resemblance to Cesar Pelli & Associates Architects earlier Three World Financial Center in New York City.
  • The tower's loading bay handles over 108,000 deliveries each year.
  • The building's floors are of a composite construction with a compact steel core surrounded by an outer perimeter constructed from closely spaced columns.
  • The steel pyramid at top was installed in November 1990.
  • The four aircraft warning lights inset into the top of the tower's pyramid each flash 40 times a minute, a combined total of 57,600 times a day.

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1 Canada Square
1 Canada Square
E14 8RR
Canada Square
Tower Hamlets
United Kingdom

Technical Data

771.03 ft
771.03 ft
13.62 ft
8.99 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
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