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Notre-Dame de Strasbourg


Notre-Dame de Strasbourg


Structure in General

existing [completed]
exposed structure
dark red


church (roman catholic)


  • The spire was completed in 1439 (presumably started in 1420).
  • The main facade platform is 66 meters high and can be reached by a circular stair of 328 steps.
  • The central platform linking the two towers was added in 1365.
  • World's tallest structure from 1561 to 1567: Surpassed by Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Beauvais.
  • The most important construction part begins in 1225, when a team of building masters from Chartres arrives.
  • In 1225 construction of the western façade starts and is finished 50 years later. This façade has numerous sculptures and is considered one the most ornamented façades in gothic architecture.
  • The portals on the western façade depict stories of the life of Christ and Judgment Day.
  • From 1240 to 1275 the nave was constructed.
  • Most of the original stained glass windows of the nave are still today preserved. The oldest ones date from the 13th century.
  • The rose window on the main facade has a diameter of 15 meters.
  • The cathedral regained its title of world highest after the spire of the cathedral where it lost the title from, collapsed and crashed into the transept.

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Place de la Cathédrale
Grand Est

Technical Data

472.44 ft
472.44 ft

Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • Cathedral title is officially assigned
  • Observation deck on roof
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