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Centre Georges Pompidou

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Centre Georges Pompidou
Centre Pompidou, Pompidou Centre, Beaubourg


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
stainless steel
curtain wall
exposed structure
structural expressionism


shop(s) restaurant


  • Centre George Pompidou is one of the pioneer projects in siting vertical circulation to the exterior of the core form, an idea now more and more commonly implemented in office towers like Deutsche Bank Place in Sydney or Rondo 1-B in Warsaw.
  • Essential services are sited on the building’s exterior to provide light and airy exhibition spaces within, a practice employed to similar effect on architect Richard Rogers’ later The Lloyd's Building in London.
  • Half of the lot for future Centre George Pompidou was dedicated to a vast public area now full of open-air theaters, cafes and shops.
  • The building was co-designed with the legendary structural engineer Peter Rice (with whom Piano later formed an architectural practice), who was responsible for the innovative external cast-steel 'gerberettes' which allowed for the column-free interior.
  • The bordering streets were closed for traffic to create a pedestrian-only areas; the only exceptions are and (which are actually a continuation of one another) to the east.
  • This building is 42 meters tall if measured from the side of the building facing onto Rue Beaubourg, typically regarded as the front entrance. It is taller, however, if measured from Piazza side at 45.5 meters.
  • The building was awarded the International Union of Architects' Auguste Perret Prize for Most Outstanding International Work, 1975 - 1978.
  • Various levels can be reached by a succession of escalators housed in a tiered glass tube which provides a leisurely trip upwards as the view of Paris unfolds.
  • The colours used on the external services correspond to industry-standard colour codes: yellow for electrical, white or blue for air-conditioning, blue for water and red for lifts and circulation.
  • The cost of construction was 476,000,000 French Francs.

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Place Georges Pompidou
1-13 Rue Beaubourg, 22-28 Rue Saint-Merri, 41-47 Rue Rambuteau, 31-37 Rue du Renard
Place Georges Pompidou

Technical Data

149.28 ft
149.28 ft
544.63 ft
196.85 ft
Apr 1972
Jan 1976

Involved Companies

Piano & Rogers

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
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