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Hôtel de Ville / Stadhuis

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Hôtel de Ville / Stadhuis
City Hall


Structure in General

building with towers
existing [completed]
applied masonry


city hall


  • In 1695, Brussels was destroyed by the French and only the external walls and tower had survived this rampage.
  • This was the tallest building in Brussels until surpassed by Palais de Justice / Justitiepaleis.
  • The five meter tall gold plated copper statue on top of the spire was designed by Maarten van Rode.
  • Since a lot of artifacts of the building had been removed or stolen during the 17th and 18th century, a thoroughly restoration started in 1840.
  • Therefor the façade was decorated with 203 statues of all the Duchesses and Dukes from Brabant during the period of 580 – 1564.
  • Today the city hall is still the official residence of the mayor of Brussels.
  • This building is regarded as one of the most beautiful city halls in the world, built in Brabant gothic style.
  • The original city hall, the left part of the building was finished in 1405.
  • In 1444, construction of the smaller right part started and was finished in 1449.
  • Also in 1449, a new belfry tower for the city hall was designed by architect Jan van Ruysbroeck, who was also involved in the construction of the towers of the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudule.
  • In 1455, a gold plated statue of Saint Michael was placed on top of the belfry tower. This statue was replaced after 541 years by a new one.

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8B-C Grand-Place / Grote-Markt
Grote Markt 8 / Grand-Place 8
Brussels-Capital Region

Technical Data

318.24 ft
318.24 ft

Involved Companies

Maarten van Rode

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
  • National landmark
  • UNESCO landmark
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