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Tokyo Tower

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Tokyo Tower


Structure in General

observation tower
existing [completed]
white red


tv transmission
museum (science / technology)


  • 164 light bulbs make sure the tower is lit up at night.
  • Tokyo Tower offers a "birthday special" of free admission to the 150m observatory deck as well as a free piece of cake to guests who visit on their birthday. Admission to the Special Observation Deck at 250m is not included in this offer.
  • The tower serves as an antenna tower for 14 local Japanese television and radio stations.
  • Although taller than the Eiffel Tower and similar in style, at 4000 tons Tokyo Tower actually weighs less than half of its Parisian counterpart.
  • The tower's life as a broadcasting antenna may soon be over, as Tokyo's drive to be digital by 2010 may leave this analog transmitter a tourist destination only.
  • It takes 28,000 liters of paint to cover the entire tower.
  • The tower has two observation platforms. The Grand Observation Platform, at only 150m (450f), costs 820Yen (about $6), and the Special Observation Platform a further 100m (300f) up costs another 600Yen (about $4,5). The Tokyo Tower also features an aquarium, a wax museum, a Holographic Mystery Zone, and various of showrooms.
  • The orange and white colour scheme is to adhere to local air safety regulations.
  • Tokyo Tower was modelled after the Tour Eiffel and is just 30 metres higher than its Parisian counterpart.
  • World's tallest self-supporting steel structure.
  • The Tokyo Tower is member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

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2-8, Shibakoen 4
4-2-8 Shiba Koen

Technical Data

1,092.03 ft
1,092.03 ft
819.00 ft
819.00 ft

Involved Companies

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
  • National landmark
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