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Tokyo City Hall Tower I

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Tokyo City Hall Tower I
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No.1
Tokyo City Hall Tower 1


Structure in General

existing [completed]
composite structure
light gray


governmental office
shop(s) restaurant


  • The two-towered design pays homage to Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris in Paris.
  • During the conceptual stage it was suggested that the design looked like a microchip or an electronic circuit. From that point on, the expressionism of the design was geared towards the integration of circuits. The microchip imagery is found in the interior on the ceiling, the second floor, and other parts.
  • 13,000 people work in the 400,000 square metres.
  • Near the top of each tower is a free observation deck, with magnificent views of Mt. Fuji on a clear day.
  • There are 1096 steps from the third basement to the 45th floor.
  • The twin observatories have the same dimensions: 1000 square metres of floor area, 18.4 metres high and 18 metres wide.
  • The elevators to the observation decks travel at 240 metres per minute, taking 55 seconds to go from the 1st to the 45th floor.
  • Wind forces are mitigated by one third due to the building's north-south lengthwise orientation, the rough texture and rounded shapes on the windward and leeward sides, and the tall trees in the surrounding area.
  • Special illumination is activated for the building the first Saturday and Sunday of every month.
  • The building has been built with special earthquake-resistant technology that would allow it to withstand an earthquake equal to that of the Great Earthquake of 1923.
  • Steam and cold water from the Shinjuku District Heating and Cooling Center is used for hot water and air conditioning instead of gas.

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8-1, Nishishinjuku 2
2-8-1 Nishi Shinjuku

Technical Data

798.51 ft
798.51 ft
798.51 ft
662.73 ft
Apr 1988
Mar 1991

Involved Companies

Tange Associates
Taisei Corporation

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • Helipad is available
  • Observation floor is available
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