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Pyramid of Khafre

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Pyramid of Khafre
the Pyramid of Chefren


Structure in General

existing [completed]
egyptian architecture


  • Khafre's pyramid is often mistaken as being the largest at Giza due to its central, elevated position. It is, however, slightly smaller than Khufu's, with an original height of 143.5m (470.8ft).
  • The pyramid was built by Khafre (son of Khufu), the fourth king of the Fourth Dynasty. It is the only pyramid which retains part of its original Tura limestone covering.
  • Inside, Khafre's pyramid is much more simple than Khufu's, with two entrances leading to an incomplete underground chamber and a central burial chamber. The entrance was discovered and opened by Giovanni Battista Belzoni on 2nd March 1818.
  • The burial complex also includes a ruined satellite pyramid, a funerary temple, a lower temple, the valley temple and the Sphinx, connected to the main pyramid by a long ramp.

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447.51 ft
447.51 ft
706.20 ft
706.20 ft
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