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383 Madison Avenue


383 Madison Avenue


Structure in General

unbuilt [cancelled]


  • The architects for the project, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, took great care to maintain all necessary setbakcs in the building envelope to conform to municipal codes while providing their client with a maximum "as of right" envelope.
  • It was planned to use both high-strength reinforced concrete and steel for the structure.
  • The resulting taperings and setbacks suggested two possible structural solutions. First, the building could be supported by columns placed around the periphery at about 10 ft on center. This was rejected for two major reasons: It would lead to a nightmare of geometric complexity since the building slopes inward as it rised, making each office floor unique. (office floors are planned in the shape of a Greek cross intersected by a square service core.) And, placing columns at the building's edge would have restricted window access. A second and more favorable approach was to pull the structure within the building interior at a dimension useful as an office module.
  • The necessity of straddling subway tracks at the foundation posed a constraint.
  • The design divided the building above grade into three distinct zones: the concrete trading floors, mid-level office floors tied together at the top by a "shoulder" truss, and 20 stories of additional space resting on the shoulder.

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377-391 Madison Avenue
80 Vanderbilt Avenue, 30-48 East 47th Street, 31-47 East 46th Street
383 Madison Avenue
New York City
New York

Technical Data

1,080.02 ft
1,080.02 ft
1,080.02 ft

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