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Seoul Dome


Seoul Dome
Seoul Stadium

Structure in General

planned [proposed]


  • The aim of the 50,000 seat multipurpose project is to create a major new entertainment complex and to host rockshows, exhibitions and indoor baseball.
  • The stadium is conceived as a circular bowl, surrounded by 4 storey high commercial buildings with a circular pedestrian landscaped boulevard acting as separation.
  • Circulation internally is organised on the principal of maximum dispersal with no visitor having to travel more than 45 metres laterally.
  • The roof structure is composed of interlocking concave and convex elements which allude to traditional Korean architecture, with heavily overhanging eaves supported by closely spaced cantilevered structural elements.
  • The structural tension cables create an 'anticlastic surface' resistant to both positive and negative wind pressure. The roof is clad in lightweight insulated stainless steel, an economic solution to covering the 200m diameter bowl.

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Seoul Metropolitan City
South Korea

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