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Artsgarden Tower


Artsgarden Tower
Circle Block Tower, Barrett & Stokely High Rise


Structure in General

high-rise building
unbuilt [cancelled]


rental apartments commercial office
mercantile parking


  • In April 2001 this proposal was selected over 3 others by the city of Indianapolis for construction on the 'Circle Block', the vacant lot formerly occupied by the Roosevelt Building.
  • The Artsgarden Tower project included renovating the Goodman Building, just to the east (at 30 West Washington Street) plus 24 and Taylor Building, for residential and retail use as well.
  • Final approval was granted by the Indianapolis City Council on December 6, 2001. The financial agreements with the Indianapolis Bond Bank and Circle Area Community Development Corporation included city ownership of the parking and retail components of the building, which would have been leased back to Barrett & Stokely.
  • It was reported in July 2002 that part of this site sits above a parking garage for One Emmis Plaza, and this garage was constructed to support only 10 additional floors.
  • Would have had a direct connection to the Circle Centre and Embassy Suites Indianapolis Downtown through the Artsgarden.
  • This project was canceled in late September 2002, after Barrett & Stokely was unable to find adequate funding for the project. This remains the most lucrative parcel in downtown Indianapolis. The Conrad Indianapolis & Residences project for this same site surfaced by February 2003.

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1-7 North Illinois Street, 34-50 West Washington Street
Illinois Street & Washington Street, NE corner
Center Township

Technical Data

307.00 ft
307.00 ft
307.00 ft

Involved Companies

CSO Architects

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