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110 Bishopsgate

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110 Bishopsgate
Salesforce Tower London
Heron Tower


Structure in General

existing [completed]
pile foundation
stainless steel
curtain wall
active heating (unspecified)


commercial office
shop(s) restaurant bar conferencing space


  • On 17th January 2006, the City of London resolved to grant consent to increase the height of Heron Tower by 4 floors, taking the structural height to 203m and the total height to 242m.
  • Heron Tower replaces two buildings, Bishops House and Kempson House, built in 1976 and 1960 respectively.
  • The building's cladding covers an area of 40,000 sq m along with 31,150 sq m of glazing.
  • 10 of the 18 lifts are glass and double-decker and travel at speeds of up to 7 metres (23 feet) per second.
  • Planning consent was granted in 2002 for a 42-storey tower, reaching a structural height of 183m with a mast taking the total height to 222m. The consent provided for 63,105sq m of floorspace.
  • The tower is home to around 4,300 workers.
  • The lifts are entirely custom built for the tower to reflect its design; the operating panels display a legend of the tower showing passengers exactly where they are at any given point.
  • Heron Tower is constructed from steel and is clad with a stainless steel curtain wall which is naturally ventilated on the east and west sides. The south side incorporates photovoltaic glass which is cooled by recycled air, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • There is a 70,000 litre aquarium in the entrance lobby.
  • There are three concourse levels which include retail areas and entrance foyers.
  • Levels 41 to 46 are dedicated to plant.
  • Heron Tower is constructed from around 8,500 pieces of structural steel.
  • The building is topped with a communications mast.
  • Office facilities are arranged around a north facing atrium and are stacked in units of twelve, each of three stories.
  • Net office space amounts to 40,836 square metres (439,552 square feet).
  • Offices are situated on levels 2 through to 37 whilst levels 38 to 40 incorporate a bar, conference facilities and a public restaurant situated on level 39, which is served by two dedicated high-speed glass lifts.

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106-126 Bishopsgate
35-37 Camomile Street
110 Bishopsgate
City of London
United Kingdom

Technical Data

793.96 ft
793.96 ft
664.76 ft
13.55 ft
9.02 ft
164.37 ft
129.04 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • Double-decker elevators present
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Raised floors are available
  • Solar panels are installed
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