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Torre Glòries

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Torre Glòries
Torre Aigües de Barcelona
Torre Agbar
Torre Glories


Structure in General

existing [completed]
curtain wall


commercial office


  • After the first section of the dome was completed, Layetana placed big ads on the facade.
  • There are 4.400 windows in the building.
  • The workers needed 5 days to complete every floor of the striking tower.
  • Some of the pieces of the brie-solei, in the south facade, have photovoltaic plates to generate electricity for the building.
  • During the construction, the central core was always one floor higher than the external wall.
  • The brie-soleil is built out of 59.619 pieces.
  • Garnered the 2006 International Highrise Award.
  • The two main cranes reached 167.60 meters and 156.80 meters.
  • Torre Agbar is very similar in its shape and size to 30 St. Mary Axe in London.
  • The torre is not in fact circular in plan but is very slightly elliptical.
  • The building has a multi-coloured skin inspired by Antoni Gaudí.
  • In the square surrounding the building there are coloured concrete seats with facts about the tower on them.
  • It was officially inaugurated on 26th September 2005. Among many authorities, the King and the Queen of Spain were also in attendance.
  • The building features spectacular night illumination. The whole tower is illuminated in yellow, blue, pink and red by 4,500 lights placed over the facade.
  • North side glass brie-solei pieces are different from the south side ones. The ones in the north side are translucid (but transparent when concrete wall features a window) and the south side ones are transparent.
  • Agbar sold different buildings where their old offices were established to pay part of this project.
  • Agbar will occupy only half of the office space of the tower. Initially, a branch of this company, SOREA, has rented the other half of the office space untill they will finish a new building to establish its new headquarters.
  • Concrete walls are 50 cm. wide at the base and 30 cm. wide on the top. The concrete core inside the building walls are 45 cm. wide at the base and 25 cm. on the top.
  • Windows made of 92 X 92 cm squares.
  • Underground levels concrete walls are 60cm wide.
  • At the end of construction, Layetana Developments temporarily moved their technical office to the second floor of the tower.
  • Will be the third tallest building in the city until Triangle Ferroviari is completed.
  • The glass brie-solei has zones that could be opened in the lowers floors (28 meters high) to allow firemen to rescue people in case of an emergency.
  • It has red position lights in different places. One of them on the top and another ones on the facade, facing to north, south and west.
  • The crane that placed the last pieces at the top is called the Big Tone, the biggest crane in Spain. This crane also worked on other buildings in Barcelona such as Edifici Fòrum and El Temple de la Sagrada Família.
  • On 16th of September of 2004 the top crane was removed and the building's facade was formally topped out on 17th of September of 2004.
  • On September 15, 2004, a huge mobile crane was set on to remove the crane from the top of the building and place the last piece of the steel facade.
  • The glass pieces of the brie-solei are made of Stadip Glass, a security glass. Another building using this glass for another purpose is Torre Picasso.
  • From the ground floor to the 14th floor the building is totally straight. From the 15th floor to the 24th the building is curved while the 26th through 32nd floors are within the top dome.
  • The total weight of the steel and glass dome is 250 tons.
  • The facade panels are made of 40 different colours.
  • This building consolidated the offices of Agbar, which were previously located in a number of different buildings throughout the city.
  • On 22nd of January, 2004, the main crane was removed from the construction site.
  • On January 19, 2004, a crane was installed in the center of the steel dome to replace the main one. This crane was used to lift the facade and dome materials.
  • During the real estate fair Barcelona Meeting Point, the building was awarded the best national and international project. The international project award went to Shanghai World Financial Center .
  • Estructuras Metálicas Jamur S.L. supplied 900 tonnes of steel for the building dome and ceiling beams.
  • Steel was used in the dome which tops the building.
  • The total structural height was reached on October 19, 2003.
  • The building's second highest construction crane was removed on October 7, 2003.
  • One of the night illuminations features a light blue for the concrete core under the glass and steel dome. This makes it visible from outside the tower.
  • The south elevators are made of glass and you can see the sea through the windows in the concrete facade.
  • During construction there were between 500 and 600 workers on the site.
  • On a typical floor, the floor-to-ceiling height varies from 2.65 meters to 3.05 meters.
  • During the underground phase of constuction, as with Torre Nova Diagonal, there were several water pumps working continuously to extract groundwater.
  • The tower was originally planned to be 142 meters tall, but during construction some additional height was added for an ultimate value of 144.44 meters.

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Avinguda Diagonal, 209-211
Carrer de Badajoz, 180-184
Avinguda Diagonal 209-211 / Carrer Badajoz 180-184
Sant Martí


Precertified as BREEAM – Excellent
Precertified as LEED – Gold

Technical Data

473.88 ft
473.89 ft
420.93 ft
12.14 ft
8.69 ft
128.61 ft
115.49 ft

Involved Companies

b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • Floodlighting at night
  • Panoramic elevators are present
  • Sunshading devices are built in
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