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Locate buildings in every country around the world

World Building Map


Emporis collects information about buildings worldwide. Our website covers technical information on all kinds of buildings, whether skyscrapers, high-rises, halls or stadiums. Companies involved in designing, construction and operating buildings are recorded in our online directory. You can browse companies, buildings and construction activity with ease and you can purchase images of buildings in our image shop.

The database contains different construction types such as office, residential or lodging. Different usages are also recorded such as hotels, schools or police stations, to name just a few. Each building is assigned a construction status such as ‘completed’, ‘demolished’, or ‘under construction’. If you are interested in architecture and want to submit and edit information about buildings, join our community.

Construction is tracked in over 18,000 cities worldwide from planned to its completion. Data is constantly reviewed and every change to a building is documented. Our information is updated on a 24/7 basis. If you are interested in an analysis or in-depth query, please view our products on offer.