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department store (ESN 18074 )

A department store is a retail space occupied by a large store which is divided into autonomous sales areas, each with its own specialty and sales counter. Traditional department stores sell a combination of clothing, personal accessories, beauty products, household goods, and even such wares as toys, books, specialty foods, and technological products. Many more modern department stores limit themselves to clothing and items such as perfumes, cosmetics, and purses. Department stores are normally at least 10,000 square meters in area, although exceptions can be made. A distinction is usually made between these and "big box" retailers; the latter usually occupy a single floor level while department stores are traditionally multilevel. Department stores usually sell goods in an elegant or semi-elegant setting, whereas "big box" stores are generally utilitarian in their design.

A very large store selling a variety of clothing and other goods in an elegant, multilevel space.