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Customers of Emporis Research have to select at least one specific content package, such as North America or the United States. When accessing Emporis Research, you can then select between these fields, if available:

Building Data Fields

The data fields listed here cover all types of man-made structures. Because of the historical focus of Emporis, the majority of information in the database is about tall buildings. Emporis researchers collect data across the full life-cycle of a structure, from conception to demolition. Using Emporis Research you can also identify which buildings previously occupied a site, or what is planned for a specific location. More details: demolished (ESN 45580)

Involved Companies

Emporis provides over 100 company roles which are connected with a respective building. There are more than 150,000 companies connected with the collection of buildings, such as architects, engineers, owners, facility managers,... and most often they also include contact information.
More details on all available company roles on Emporis Research are available on the respective standards page. Link: real-estate agent (ESN 19836)

Building Usages

Usage data is vital to determining the value and utility of a building. Emporis tracks over 190 usage types, including commercial offices, hotels, aircraft hangars, and police stations (to name just a few) and assigns each structure a main or side usage. The major categories of usages are:

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