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West End Summit


West End Summit


  • The two towers of this office project will be joined by a 2-level atrium and connected to structured parking for 2250 vehicles.
  • One tower includes condominiums and an Intercontinental Hotel, while the other tower consists of Class-A office space.
  • An earlier version of this project consisted of a hotel in the taller tower and office space in the shorter tower.


Involved Companies

Design Architect:


Also recorded for this building:

Developer, Elevator supplier, Structural engineering

# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 West End Summit Tower 1 406 ft 25 skyscraper 2001
2 West End Summit Tower 2 25 high-rise building 2010
3 West End Summit Tower 1 25 high-rise building 2010
4 West End Summit Tower 2 15 high-rise building 2001