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The Taino Towers


The Taino Towers


  • The Taino Towers were built into Harlem as a high-standard low-income housing project.
  • The complex of four 35-storey towers on six-storey bases surrounded landscaped plazas and incorporated in their bases community facilities that the Tenant Committee had originally called for.
  • The very un-project-like facades consist of pre- and in-situ cast white concrete and floor-to-ceiling glass walls.
  • The common spaces continue the impressive record: the lobbies have Italian tile floors, the laundry facilities are located on the roof, there is central air-conditioning and a vacuum garbage disposal system (the first in New York City).
  • The rounded corners with balconies add to the luxurious impression. Some of the towers also have such distinctly high-income features as especially large apartments and interlocking duplexes with over 3 meters high living rooms.
  • Originating from the architects in 1965, the development was taken by the East Harlem Tenants' Committee and it secured wide economic support from federal and city sources. After long delays in battling bureaucracy and the mid-1970s recession, the $48.5 million project was finally completed 14 years later.


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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 Southern side Taino Towers Apartments III 328 ft 35 high-rise building 1979
2 From the southeast Taino Towers Apartments IV 328 ft 35 high-rise building 1979
3 Viewed along 3rd Avenue Taino Towers Apartments II 328 ft 35 high-rise building 1979
4 Viewed from the west Taino Towers Apartments I 328 ft 35 high-rise building 1979