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North Carolina State Government Complex


North Carolina State Government Complex


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Acoustics consultant, Electrical engineering, Facade installation, Facade supplier, General contractor, Master plan architect, Owner

# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 From the west North Carolina State Capitol 98 ft 3 low-rise building 1840
2 View from the northwest along Hillsborough Street Old Revenue Complex 70 ft 6 low-rise building 1926
3 View from the south past the Legislative building Archdale Building 15 high-rise building 1977
4 Green Square 12 high-rise building
5 View from the south Albemarle Building 11 low-rise building 1970
6 From the southwest Education Building 7 low-rise building
7 View from Halifax mall Revenue Building 7 low-rise building
8 Caswell Building 6 low-rise building
9 From the north North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences 6 low-rise building 2000
10 View from the southwest Dobbs Building 6 low-rise building 1977
11 From the southwest Administration Building 6 low-rise building 1967
12 Cooper Memorial Building 6 low-rise building 1954
13 Old Education Building 6 low-rise building 1938
14 From the south Legislative Office Building 5 low-rise building
15 View from the north along Fayetteville Street toward the Capitol with the Natural Sciences Museum to the right North Carolina Museum of History 5 low-rise building 1994
16 From the southwest Bath Building 5 low-rise building 1974
17 From the west Justice Building 5 low-rise building 1940
18 From the south across West Jones Street Legislative Building 4 low-rise building 1963