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Masshouse Square


Masshouse Square


  • The Masshouse Square project is one part of the wider initiative to regenerate the Eastside area of Birmingham. It involves the development of two sites, created by the demolition of a large section of the inner ring road, known as Masshouse Circus. On Site 3, 25,070sq m of space will be built, including 230 residential units, leisure and retail space in two buildings. Site 7 will accommodate 55,000sq m of offices with a small leisure element in a further two buildings.
  • The original proposals for Plot 7 included a fifth building in the centre of the site which has been dropped from the scheme.
  • In March 2007, an outline planning application was submitted to Birmingham City Council to build a mixed-use development of up to 70,907sqm (gross internal area) on Plot 7. The application consisted of four buildings for retail, office, hotel and residential use.


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Acoustics consultant, Consultancy, Crane supplier (construction), Developer, Facade supplier, Geotechnical engineering, Planning consultant, Real estate agent, Sustainable design consultant

# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 Masshouse Block A 100 m 22 skyscraper
2 Masshouse Block B 76 m 19 high-rise building
3 Masshouse Blocks E 68 m 19 high-rise building
4 Birmingham Magistrates Court 63 m 11 high-rise building 2012
5 Masshouse Block C 60 m 18 high-rise building
6 Full-height view Masshouse Block M 52 m 15 high-rise building 2009
7 View from Albert Street Masshouse Apartments 50 m 16 high-rise building 2006
8 Masshouse Block D 45 m 12 high-rise building
9 Masshouse Blocks F&G 15 high-rise building
10 View from Jennens Road Masshouse Blocks J-K 15 high-rise building