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Lakeshore East


Lakeshore East


  • The development will utilize only 9.7 million square feet of the allowed 14.5 million square feet in the area.
  • More than 5,000 residential units are planned for the area bounded by Lake Shore, Randolph, Columbus and Wacker Drives respectively.
  • Developed in a partnership between Magellan Development Group and Near North Properties, the massive mixed-use residential complex is designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP (Adrian Smith FAIA, RIBA as Design Partner and Dan Ringlestein, AIA as Associate Partner).
  • Magellan Development Group is the recipient of the The American Institute of Architects 2002 award for regional and urban design for Lakeshore East.
  • Lakeshore East will contain 14 high-rise condominiums and 2 office superstructures surrounding a 6 acre park thereby preserving existing views for the inhabitants.


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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 Wanda Vista 1,148 ft 88 skyscraper 2018
2 View from the southwest Aqua 859 ft 86 skyscraper 2009
3 View from the southeast 340 on the Park 672 ft 64 skyscraper 2007
4 201 North Columbus Drive 642 ft 58 skyscraper
5 Lakeshore East Building 3-I 525 ft skyscraper
6 View from the southwest The Tides 500 ft 51 skyscraper 2008
7 View to the southeast from the 29th floor of the Sheraton Hotel & Towers The Regatta 466 ft 45 skyscraper 2007
8 Looking up from the north. Coast at Lakeshore East 464 ft 45 skyscraper 2013
9 View from Blue Cross Blue Shield Plaza The Shoreham 450 ft 47 skyscraper 2005
10 Lakeshore East Building 1-K 420 ft skyscraper
11 Viewed from the south The Chandler 389 ft 36 skyscraper 2008
12 Lakeshore East Building 3-J 340 ft skyscraper
13 View from Blue Cross Blue Shield Plaza The Lancaster 324 ft 30 high-rise building 2005
14 Lakeshore East Building 3-L 280 ft high-rise building
15 GEMS World Academy II 240 ft 16 high-rise building 2016
16 GEMS World Academy I 153 ft 9 high-rise building 2014
17 375 East Wacker Drive 76 skyscraper 2010
18 Village Market at Lakeshore East 3 low-rise building 2011
19 Central section of one of the basins Lakeshore East Park Northwest Fountain fountain 2005
20 View from the east Lakeshore East Park Southeast Fountain fountain 2005