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Gateway Center


Gateway Center


  • The entire complex is built over railroad facilities along the west bank of the Chicago River.
  • The northern two buildings are the shortest, and are twins. Three of the four have green glass, matching the color of the river; only the tallest (Gateway III) is white.
  • Gateway Center extends for 4 blocks, from Madison to Van Buren Streets. A public plaza allows pedestrians to follow the river for the 3 northern blocks (the block by Gateway IV has no riverwalk).
  • In the late 1980s the riverwalk was redesigned with planters, obelisks, iron fences, and patterned sidewalks.
  • Gateway Center originally included a low-rise 900-car garage on the site of the Heller International Building.


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Developer, Fire protection engineering, General contractor, Landscape architect, Owner, Property management, Steel supplier, Structural engineering, Tenant

# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 View from the southwest Fifth Third Center 450 ft 35 skyscraper 1971
2 Looking south on the Chicago River Gateway Center IV 320 ft 22 high-rise building 1983
3 CDW Plaza 285 ft 21 high-rise building 1967
4 View from the southeast looking across the river Gateway Center I 285 ft 21 high-rise building 1965
5 Gateway Center V 41 skyscraper