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Federal Triangle


Federal Triangle


  • The Federal Triangle project is the largest US government-initiated construction project ever enacted in the nation's capital.
  • In the late 1800's through the first decades of the 1900's, the dilapidated area between Pennsylvania Avenue and the National Mall, east of the White House, was known as Murder Bay.
  • Early attempts to improve this district included the construction of the Old Post Office Building and John A. Wilson Building, but little additional development followed.
  • The massive plan for a wholesale demolition of the area's buildings and construction of new government facilities was approved by Congress with the Public Buildings Act of 1926.
  • Design guidelines were set by Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon and a Board of Architectural Consultants, headed by Edward H. Bennett of the Chicago firm Bennett, Parsons & Frost.
  • Each member of the Board was given the responsibility of designing one building in the Federal Triangle. Design guidelines contributed to a unifying concept across the entire complex, creating a monumental complex highly symbolic in its role as a center of the Federal Government's power.
  • The Federal Triangle occupies the site bounded by Pennsylvania Avenue on the north, Constitution Avenue and the National Mall on the south, and 14th Street NW on the west. The apex of the triangle, on the east side, is where Pennsylvania and Constitution meet 6th Street NW.


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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 Looking east across 12th Street NW Old Post Office Building 315 ft 12 high-rise building 1899
2 South elevation from across Constitution Avenue NW National Archives Building 166 ft 8 high-rise building 1935
3 View from Pennsylvania Avenue Ronald Reagan Building 125 ft 9 high-rise building 1998
4 William Jefferson Clinton Building North and South 8 low-rise building 1934
5 1300-1320 Pennsylvania Avenue 8 low-rise building 1916
6 Federal Trade Commission Building 7 low-rise building 1938
7 View from South Internal Revenue Service Building 7 low-rise building 1936
8 Robert F. Kennedy Federal Building 7 low-rise building 1935
9 View to the northwest across Constitution Avenue NW William Jefferson Clinton Building West 7 low-rise building 1934
10 View to the northeast across Constitution Avenue NW William Jefferson Clinton Building East 7 low-rise building 1934
11 Full south elevation from across Constitution Avenue NW Mellon Auditorium 7 low-rise building 1934
12 View from the southwest Herbert C. Hoover Building 7 low-rise building 1932
13 John A. Wilson Building 5 low-rise building 1908