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China World Trade Center


China World Trade Center
CWTC, China World Towers


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Developer, Elevator supplier, Geotechnical engineering, Interior designer, Landscape architect, MEP engineering, Owner, Quantity surveyor, Structural engineering, Tenant, Wind surveyor

# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 View from the south China World Trade Center Tower III 1,083 ft 74 skyscraper 2010
2 Northeast view China World Trade Center Tower II 509 ft 39 skyscraper 1999
3 Southwest corner China World Trade Center Tower I 509 ft 39 skyscraper 1989
4 Building on the right, north view China World Apartments, North Lodge 348 ft 34 skyscraper 1989
5 Building on the left China World Apartments, South Lodge 348 ft 34 skyscraper 1989
6 North side (back) China World Hotel 22 high-rise building 1989